Oklahoma-based country group the Damn Quails are searching for their tour manager, Colin Deyalsingh, who has been missing since late on Saturday night (March 19).

On Monday (March 21), the band -- Bryon White, Gabe Marshall, Thomas Young, Kevin Foster and Dillon Sampson -- revealed that Deyalsingh had disappeared from the Firehouse Saloon in Houston, Texas, prior to the group's show.

"All of his personal belongings were left behind, and no one has heard from him since around 11PM on Saturday night," the group writes. "... We are all extremely worried about Colin."

The Damn Quails note that Deyalsingh was wearing a brown hoodie, jeans and a Cody Jinks hat when they last saw him. He is about 6 feet tall and weighs about 215 pounds, and has several tattoos, including a full sleeve on his right arm and some on his left arm. Those who may have a lead on Deyalsingh's whereabouts are asked to call CTK Entertainment at 512-312-9350.

Since breaking the news of Deyalsingh's disappearance, the band has been posting updates on Facebook, thanking followers for their support and assistance, asking for prayers and sharing additional photos of their missing tour manager. Many comments have been left on the group's posts, asking for additional details and offering ideas as to where Deyalsingh may be. The Damn Quails note that, to the best of their knowledge thus far, Deyalsingh had not been located in local jail or at a hospital.

"While his whereabouts remain unknown, we remain hopeful that at any moment he will be found safe and sound. Every possible piece of information has been given to the authorities, and we are using every avenue possible to locate Colin," the band says. "... We realize that his association with the band has brought a lot of attention to this matter, and that has come with some unnecessary speculation about what may or may not have occurred. We ask that you please remember that some people in this situation are missing a father, son and brother."

Marshall and White founded the Damn Quails, and the band released their first album, Down the Hatch, in 2011. They struggled through legal issues with their record label and management company, which were settled after two years, following the disc's release and most recently released Out of the Birdcage in September. The group raised more than $50,000 on Kickstarter to help fund the project.

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