I live close to work, so I don't get out much. So when it was suggested I name the worst intersections in Temple, I had to scramble to come up with some suggestions.

I actually did something rare. I drove around in the rain. Of course, if you drive anywhere of late, you're driving around in the rain. Of course if you're looking for something that's a pain, you go to 31st street.

These are the intersections that I have the most trouble with in Temple. By all means, correct me if you can.

  • West Central / 31st Street

    Don't Merge

    This is the first stop light when two highways merge with a Interstate exit. It's only fitting that the people from two highways want to go right, and the interstate exiteers want to go left. There was once a sign saying no merging, but that got run over.

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  • 31st Street/190

    Everybody Stops

    When you're heading north on 31st Street, this is one of the best intersections. You have to have some really crappy luck to get stopped at this intersection. But, heading south. I always get stopped. Except when I have a camera in hands. Pay close attention people. This is the very rare Green Light.

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  • Airport/General Bruce

    Let the Nightmares Begin

    This is without a doubt the stop light I hate the most. It's not overly busy or long, it's just that I always get stopped under the bridge. You know, the thing that no one checks until it collapses on some poor fat slob. And it's not that it would kill me instantly, no. It would trap me in an odd posistion that would make have muscle cramps. Then I would die watching my last dusty breath.

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