The creator of some of TV's biggest reality shows in history is back with some familiar faces as hosts of the new Fox reality series "Knock Knock Live".  Some of the biggest stars from TV, film, sports and music could be knocking.

Who would you want showing up on your doorstep, live on TV?  If you said Ryan Seacrest, you're the big winner!!  You win nothing here, but on "Knock Knock Live" there's "no limit" to what can be won.  Simon Fuller, the man that brought "American Idol" onto American television sets is sticking with the winning formula as he's tapped the show's longtime host, Ryan Seacrest, and "Idol" alum Kellie Pickler, as the show's hosts.

In addition to the pretty faces, Fuller & Fox have a slew of celebs waiting in the wings ready to bring the surprise of a lifetime to folks nominated to be on the show.  Among those celebs, Luke Bryan and the Florida Georgia Line duo of Tyler & Brian have already signed on for the show's first season.

So the question still stands:  Who would you want to show up on your doorstep with a chance to win some cash?