On tonight's (Oct. 16) episode of 'The Voice,' coach Blake Shelton continued the previous evening's trend of making his battle rounds nearly impossible to call.

He struggled when making the choice for his team's sole battle of the night. He also contemplated a steal, but ultimately elected not to use it, since he wants his remaining steal for the absolute right addition to his team. He's well within his rights to do so, as it is his job to be the architect of the most well-constructed group.

So what went down with Team Blake tonight? Read on and find out.

Battle 1: Liz Davis vs. Nicole Johnson: Liz Wins!

Shelton had two country singers square off and sing his wife Miranda Lambert's song 'Baggage Claim.' It was rife with drama, since Davis and Johnson are both capable country singers, and they were tasked with singing a song of personal importance to their coach. Davis, a blonde bombshell, wants out of the honky-tonk scene in favor of a legit, stadium-sized country career, while Johnson's family moved in order to help her follow her dreams of a musical career, Taylor Swift-style. So both ladies had a fire in their belly and the motivation to take the battle round. Shelton appreciated Davis' experience, but told her to watch how nasally she gets. Johnson's youth and sweetness were appealing, but her "newness" worked against her.

When the ladies belted out Lambert's song, they were evenly matched. In fact, we could see them pairing off as a believable duo in the country scene, since they had a yin-yang, opposites attract thing going on. Davis was a leggy sexpot during the performance, while Johnson looked more prairie-friendly in her pink maxidress. Shelton struggled mightily with making the choice, and he paid the ladies a massive compliment by saying that when Lambert watches this episode, she will love what they did with her song. He also groused that his fellow coaches weren't helpful with their commentary. Christina Aguilera reminded him that this is his genre and he is the expert. Hence, why it was so difficult, because he had to pick between to quality representations of country music.

He chose Davis since she had better breath control and more experience. Poor Johnson was crushed. In her post-performance interview, she couldn't understand why Shelton "didn't want" her. It was so sad to hear her use that choice of words, since it wasn't the case.

The singer came up behind her to engulf her in a hug and told her she was great, so hopefully that offered her some comfort. We're convinced Nicole Johnson has a future in country music; tonight was just not her night and she is not the first nor will she be the last aspiring singer to face such tough rejection.

Shelton also elected not to steal Emily Earle, a country singer with a rock edge, when Cee Lo Green chose to let her go. Shelton liked her, and he thought about it, but he didn't feel she delivered a breakout performance worthy of using his remaining steal on.

Tune in next week to see how Team Blake continues to take shape on 'The Voice.'

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