There is no way that I am the only The Walking Dead fan in Central Texas. In fact, I had an awesome conversation with the founder of KEM Armors in Belton, Kelly Murphy, about our favorite character who rocks the crossbow and is the resident BAMF who always rides a motorcycle.

While painfully waiting for the next season of The Walking Dead, AMC was kind and fun enough to work on a web series with Norman Reedus, who plays the crossbow-wielding fan favorite. The series is called "Ride with Norman Reedus" and one of the episodes is a motorcycle ride along through the Central Texas motorcycle route called Twisted Sisters.

Here's an excerpt previewing the ride he takes that goes through parts of Killeen, Texas:

Norman Reedus praises the state of Texas for its independent spirit that draws in "people who just don't play by the rules." With a few days off, he plans to make the most of his free time by exploring with Jake Lamagno, a New York-based artist and former pro skater, on their first ride together.

The next morning, Norman and Jake head further west. Though Norman has always thought of Texas as flat terrain, he's amazed by the hills they come across as they ride through Hill Country on Ranch Road 336, one of the three stretches that make up the Twisted Sisters route. "Now this is Texas," Norman says.