Everybody's impressed with Thomas Galloway of Belton, Texas. He's now the youngest licensed auctioneer in the state.

Thomas is 13 years old and spent his summer attending the Texas Auction Academy in Dallas. Upon completion of the courses, it was a matter of a couple of signatures and then waiting for his license to arrive in the mail. He received an associates license from the Academy that now allows him to call bids at auction as long as a governing auctioneer is also in attendance.

Galloway is enjoying following in his fathers footsteps as a licensed auctioneer. His father, Trey Thompson,  will be that governing auctioneer alongside Thomas until he is old enough to be granted a full license. Trey also graduated from Texas Auction Academy some 18 years ago.  In 2010, Trey was the Texas State Champion Auctioneer. He was named World Automobile Champion Auctioneer in 2013, and told our news partners KWTX, "To see him grow up and follow what I'm doing is a really great feeling for a father."

We've gotta say, Thomas is already great at this! His father is certainly among the best auctioneers around today. Check out some of Trey's skills from the WAAC Championship in Waco, Texas back in 2013.

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