Daisy Mallory is a name you've likely never heard of, but if you see the name or hear the voice any time in the future, you can thank Keifer and Shawna Thompson... and Luden's cough drops.  Yes, Luden's.

Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Even with a #1 hit and more than two million singles sold, Thompson Square knows a feel-good way to promote themselves (and others) when they see it.  Together with Luden's "Voices Worth Hearing" campaign, Keifer and Shawna showed up to suprise Daisy Mallory, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter working in Nashville during what she thought was simply a showcase of up-and-coming talent.  Turns out SHE was the up-and-coming talent.

After meeting up for a rehearsal session at a recording studio Mallory joined Thompson Square on stage at The Wheel, the same club Keifer and Shawna once worked at as bartenders, for a private show.  Keifer knew from the first time he heard Mallory that she had "it", saying, "When somebody has a great voice, you know it within the first few seconds of the song because they make it their own.  Shawna and I knew Daisy's voice was worth hearing from the moment she sang."

Be looking for Thompson Square's work with Daisy Mallory as they'll be creating exclusive content, including videos and behind-the-scenes footage of Daisy's day with Thompson Square, on Facebook.  As for Thompson Square, they're finishing up their slate of 2013 tour dates in the Northwest, and after an extended absence they'll be back on the road in June.