We here at US105 have been doing quite a lot of reading up on Tim McGraw lately, mostly in preparation for our contest to send someone to see the popular country singer in Tampa, Fl. But you'll never believe what shocking secrets US105 dug up about McGraw's family roots. Read through for shocking secrets, exclusively on US105.

We all know about Faith, and his father Tug, but one thing you might not have realized is that the “entertainment” gene started well before then with Uncle Quick Draw.

As far as you know this is true.  Tug’s daddy’s brother, had his own show on TV back in 59’.  It was a western show, and Quick Draw was quite the shot.


No CGI back then so all the actors had to do their own stunts, and Quick Draw was animated about doing things himself.

He ran with kind of a ruff crowd.  His partner in the show was the inspiration for a later character that would run to the border, as far as you know.


His name was Baba Looey.  Truth be told, he was a bit of an ass.  He would burro himself into a bottle and not come out until it was time to shoot his scenes.  Of course, drinking and shooting don’t mix, just ask the original director Dead Eye Dick, wait, you can’t he’s dead.

Quick Draw’s show lasted until 62’.  Afterward, he just sort of moseyed around, all his projects sort of stalled.


He had some mental issues for awhile, he thought he was  El_Kabong, a masked bandit who stole from the rich and gave back to the poor.  Later he made friends with Huckleberry Hound and was cast in  The Good, the Bad, and Huckleberry Hound  in the 80’s.

But then he was rumored to have gotten in trouble with some bookies in Vegas.  They cut off his hand and replaced them with hooves.  Quite sad really, and if you do win the trip, try not to ask Tim about it, Stir-ups some bad memories for him.  He loved that ol’ hoss.

Again, one lucky winner and their guest will travel to Tampa, Florida May 10, 11 & 12th to see Tim McGraw at the 1-800-Ask-Gary Amphitheatre! Also, qualifying winners could win Tim’s new CD “Two Lanes Of Freedom”. Enter as many times as you can, and good luck.