It was an idea that sounded a lot better in my head than was executed once go-time came.  Nine restaurants in one day?  With my kids in tow?  What was I thinking?

Tyler takes some footage for his epic movie trailers while Logan just wonders, "You gonna eat that?" Photo by Jamie Garrett

It's a "talent" I first developed at a young age.  I remember being the in the 3rd grade when someone dared me (ok, so I came up with the idea) to eat 10 bananas during lunch.  No money was bet.  Nothing good could possibly have come of it, but I did it anyway.  I sucked down 10 bananas before the lunch bell rang, and I was a champion (in my head).  I then headed for gymnastics and spent the day tumbling on the floor, wondering if my banana-escapade was going to come bubbling back to the surface.  Nope.  I kept all ten bananas down, and a new talent was born.

When I learned of the upcoming restaurant sampler card coming out via I knew this was something I could get behind.  This was just the deal I could help promote in a good way.  Shotokon Karate (another deal at doesn't want my fat butt being a community sounding board for their product.  Gym membership?  Got one.  No sir, this restaurant sampler card was my chance to finally help a deal on the site.

When I first approached Kelsey, our digital sales guru, about taking a sampler card and going to all nine restaurants in one day she was all about it.  Not once did she say aloud that she didn't think I could do it.  That's either REALLY good for me... or REALLY bad for me.  She either thinks I do my job well enough that I could pull this off & make it entertaining (good), or she just assumed I was a fatty looking for a free meal (or nine free meals).

My wife, on the other hand, wasn't as keen on the idea.  With a roll of the eyes & a mumbling of something about me dying at an early age I was made painfully aware she wasn't going to enable this herself.  Instead, I employed Thing 1 & Thing 2, Tyler & Logan, to go with me.  I decided it would be best to get video footage at each of the locations & put together a montage of all the eating.

That's when technology threw me a bone (which I promptly ate).  Tyler & Logan have been creating fake movie trailers with the iMovie app on the I-Pad, so I put Tyler to work as director & had him shoot footage that were then mixed into a movie trailer format.  What we came away with was nine different "movie trailers" created at each of our nine stops.  We'll be releasing those trailers starting 8/20 so keep checking back to the website to see the great work done by the boys.

Tyler couldn't hang for the full day. What's a growing boy to do? Be embarrassed & called-out by his dad? Can-do. Photo by Jamie Garrett

As for the adventure, we started at Wise Guys in Killeen, moved to the Kettle (which is the proud sponsor of all my posts here on the website), went to Galaxy Burgers & Breakfast (I'm a big fan of this place), Gatti's in Belton, Papa Johns, Schlotzky's, El Chico, Cafe 35 & Mungia's BBQ.  I have to admit, this was a prime example of your eyes (or my brain, since it was my brain's idea) being bigger than your stomach.  My boys stepped up & stepped in when I knew I was about to explode.  They took one for the team & stuffed their Garrett faces with food from nine different restaurants.  I must point out, however, that poor director Tyler didn't make it past the third stop before he was out... asleep in the front seat while we drove from Harker Heights to Belton.

The bottom line here is the restaurant sampler card is a heck of a deal for only $20 at (78% savings).  The food was great... and plentiful.  Take advantage of the deal today, and check back each day this week for new movie trailer releases.