We may feel insulated and protected by a couple hundred miles or so of Texas hill country, but Central Texas is facing a potentially devastating set of circumstances involving potential tornadoes and torrential rain.

Known as the "brown ocean" effect, Tropical Storm Bill, which came ashore on the Texas coast with sustained winds of 60-mph, could actually gather strength from an abundance of moisture on top of, and buried beneath, the Texas soil.  NASA-funded studies have shown there is a significant chance the storm may gather moisture and create an "extreme rain event" in portions of the states of Texas, Oklahoma and Arknsas.

Here in Central Texas, radar shows lines of torrential rain moving toward the area (as of 3pm Tuesday, 6/16) that brings with it the potential for tornadoes.  A tornado watch is in effect for the entire listening area until midnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning.

We'll be watching for the potentially tornadic weather, and we'll bring in Rusty Garrett and the News 10-KWTX crew if/when needed.


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