Going through security at the airport has become an ever-increasing nightmare for travelers, especially those with family to get through the line.  Now imaging that time becoming even worse as a TSA agent, a grown man, says something rude about the clothing your child is wearing.  That's exactly what happened to the Frauenfelder family as they were traveling through LAX this past weekend.

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Whether your response is an, "Oh hell no!", or, " Good for him" depends on your standards when it comes to clothing.  It also comes down to values.  The problem with any way you may possibly feel about this girl's clothing, the bottom line is it's her body, and if her own father let her leave the house dressed in such a manner it's certainly NOT up to a complete stranger to determine what my child wears.

We certainly haven't heard the story through the TSA agent's eyes, and knowing that teenage girls can be moody & temperamental, who knows if this story went down exactly as described.  Going off the checkered history of the TSA, I'd err on the side of the young lady.

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