Bo Jones Construction of Waco tore down Robert Lee Marshall's family home in Temple Wednesday, Mr Marshall wasn't mad about it, he was kinda happy.

The deconstruction of the house at 807 S. Henderson Street had to happen so 76 year Robert could get a new one.  The City of Temple condemned the home last month. The city inspector said it was unsafe and a demolition order was issued.


Robert admits the place was a wreck, the roof had collapsed, the floor wasn't level, parts of the house were rotting away.


The VA was trying to help him find a place to live, reaching out to everyone including Texas State Technical College in Waco.

You know they have a construction program there.



Somebody asked and TSTC said yes. Students and other volunteers are going to build Robert a new house.



TSTC instructor  Marvin Mack says the the TSTC drafting department will draw up plans for a new home, get Marshall’s approval and go from there.


TSTC students will lay the foundation and do the framing, ceiling and rafters.  Students and other volunteers will also do the plumbing and electrical.


Marshall is staying with relatives until the house is finished.  He is hoping to be in by Christmas.