I know, who pays attention to the score?  I do, and you do too, you just don’t realize it.   That music in the background can really make an emotional impact.  It can actually manipulate your feelings.  Yep, I did the research.

The nominees for Best Original Score are:

Anna Karenina


Life of Pi



Seriously,  Anna Karenina?  Haven’t they made that movie, like six times already?  No, that is not my pick.  Neither is Argo.  I don’t give “based on a true story” movies anything because I don’t like the way they rewrite the truth for more drama.  So Lincoln you are out to.  You might ask “Julia, What does the score have to do with the truth?”  Nothing really, it’s just the “Julia principle”, you rewrite history, you get nothing from me.  Skyfall, no way, I fell asleep.

And so the Oscar for best Original Score goes to (according to Julia Conner), Life of Pi.  Boy and Tiger on a boat in the middle of the ocean.  Pi doesn’t speak Tiger, Tiger doesn’t speak Boy.  Tiger just might eat Boy!  You needed a Powerful score to move things along.  First time nominee, Composer Mychael Danna did an excellent job.  And so Mychael, You Win!!!!