The video above is pretty funny, but in all seriousness, you need to know about a recent recall of smokeless tobacco products.

Folks in several states, including Texas, have found what's described as "small shards of metal" inside their can. This information was part of a press release featured on the website The press release says consumers who open the can will easily spot the shards that don't belong inside. KHOU in Houston, along with texashillcountry, have also passed along the information.

Luckily, there has not yet been a reported case of someone being injured by putting the metal shards inside their mouth. Help spread the word to friends who may be consumers of these products and tell them to keep an eye out.

If you have a can of one of these smokeless products, you'll need to check up on the code printed on the can vs the ones listed in the recall. You can find that information here. If you find you have a can that matched the numbers in the press release, you are asked to dial 1-866-201-9136 to set up a refund and return. Be safe y'all!

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