Our news partners at News 10 are reporting that a Central Texas veteran is having to fight for a new prescription for a service dog with the VA.

Chris Evans, a 12-year Army combat veteran, is looking to get a new prescription for a service animal to help him cope with his post-traumatic stress disorder. However, the VA is pushing back.

"I was even told by the mental health provider that 'we've never given out service animal prescriptions' and that's wrong because I actually have one in my possession,” said Evans on Tuesday.

Evans has a piece of paper which he claims is proof that he has a prescription.

He is in the process of retiring his current service dog and is in the process of training a new one.

Evans also told KWTX that he still suffers from PTSD daily.

"You deal with depression, anxiety, impulsivity issues on a daily bases, it's eventually going to get to you. When I have my episodes, he comes up and provides emotional support. So he feels when I get upset, angry, irritated, or otherwise, he comes at me and calms me down."

KWTX said they reached out to the Waco VA office for a comment but they have not responded to that request.

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