News 10 is reporting that a train derailment on Sunday night in Waco is expected to cause major traffic delays to your Monday morning drive to work.

Police are saying that the train derailed around midnight after a tripped prevention-sensor caused the cars to flip.

The train was carrying corn syrup, however, no syrup was reported to have spilled.

Police are advising everyone to use alternate routes as they have placed barricades between Texas Central Parkway and Panther Run. This is sure to cause delays to your Monday morning commute.

A crane will be brought in sometime after 9 a.m. this morning to help put the cars back onto the track.

The delays are expected to continue until the afternoon.

This is not the first time a train has derailed in Waco as a Union Pacific Railroad coal train derailed in July.

Be sure to follow the Waco Police Department on Facebook for future information and up-to-date alerts.

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