With the holidays quickly approaching, the lay off of nearly 75 employees at a local glass plant can't come at worse time.

According to our partners at News 10, the Owens Illinois Brockway Glass plant laid off almost a third of their employees on Thursday.

The plant originally opened in 1944, and had a roster of almost 700 employees. Today, Owens employs only 175 people.

While the layoffs had been discussed since the summer, I'm sure that the official goodbye on Thursday wasn't easy. Owen's has faced lay-offs in the past and the company is hoping that business will pick back up.

The glass plant has three furnaces, and 7 production lines. One of the furnaces is dedicated 100 % to beer bottles, but with the lack of demand for domestic beer, that furnace and 2 lines will be shut down.

Do you think Owen's will recover from this layoff and eventually bounce back? What are your thoughts for those recently laid off?

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