New 10 is reporting that the Waco Police K-9 handler who's dog turned on and attacked him Friday was acting appropriately.

During a breach of a home at 2008 Seneca Ave in Waco of a man wanted on robbery charges, Waco Police K-9 Kaster turned on his handler and bit him on his inner thigh.

Kaster bit and held onto his handler Michael Bucher and would not let go.

“The handler was continually giving commands for the dog to stop as Waco Detective Eric Trojanowski was attempting to physically pull Kastor away from the attack,” said Waco Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said in a press release Monday.

Since Kaster became an immediate threat to his handler, officers had no choice but to put him down.

“Officer Bucher instructed Detective Trojanowski to put Kastor down to stop the attack. The detective fired one shot, striking Kastor, stopping the attack. Kastor died at the scene,” Swanton said.

Officer Bucher was taken and later released from a local hospital.

“At this early juncture, it appears that the involved officers acted appropriately during the incident,” Swanton said.

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