Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas makes TripAdvisor's top 50 list for Best Zoo's in the U.S.

Please Don't Feed the Animals

Who doesn't love a trip to the Zoo? A chance to hang out with the monkeys or the lions or giraffes is always a great time. Spending time at the zoo is not only fun but also a great way to teach kids about the animals that most only see on tv, online or in a book. All the sights, the sounds even the smells of real wildlife can be found at the zoo.

Zoo Time

Kids. Love. The. Zoo. It's a fact and in todays age, it's a great way to get them to put down their digital device and experience something real. TripAdvisor published their top 50 zoos in the U.S. and landing at #48 on the list was Cameron Park Zoo right here in Central Texas, just a short drive north to Waco.

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Think about this for a second, there are more than 2,400 zoos in the U.S. and Waco’s Cameron Park Zoo coming in at #48 of the top 50 is a great testament to what a wonderful zoo we have in our local area.

Texas Representing!

Cameron Park Zoo finished at #48 on the list but Texas had a strong showing with three other zoos landing in the top 50. Fort Worth Zoo placed 19th, the Houston Zoo at 24th and the Dallas Zoo was at #25 on their list.

Lot's of families like to plan vacations around big attractions and visiting a great zoo along the way makes the trip even better. If you'd like to see what other zoos made the top 50, click HERE.

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