Reese Witherspoon admitted she was "All Jacked Up" the night her husband was arrested for DUI in Atlanta.   Witherspoon was also taken in for being obnoxious, otherwise known as disorderly conduct.   You gotta love TMZ, they got the Dash Cam video of the whole traffic stop.  Witherspoon was right, she was acting a fool. Her husband, Jim Toth, (bless his heart) was just standing by like a perfect gentleman. He actually told the cop, "I'm sorry, I had nothing to do with that!"

Here are just a few of her lines:

Reese: "Do you know my name sir?"

Officer: "Don't need to know."

Reese "You don't NEED to know my name?"
Officer: "Not quite yet."

Reese: "I'm now being arrested and handcuffed??"

Reese: "You better not arrest me."

Reese: "You're harassing me as an American citizen"

Reese: "I'm obstructing your justice?"

On Thursday, May 2, Witherspoon pled no contest to disorderly conduct for disobeying the officer's order to stay in the car.  Toth pled guilty to driving under the influence. Witherspoon will pay a $213 fine, while Toth will perform 40 hours of community service and attend an alcohol education program. He was placed on 12 months  probation.

Also Thursday,  Witherspoon apologized for her behavior on Good Morning America. She said she “literally panicked” when she saw her husband was being arrested and told the officer “all kinds of crazy things.”   At one point she told the officer she was pregnant and needed to use the restroom.  Witherspoon says she is not pregnant.