In 2012, the cruise ship industry experienced a devastating crash, when the Costa Concordia ran aground off the coast of Giglio, Italy, claiming the lives of 32 people.  Since then, the massive 115,000-ton ship has remained in the very same place it crashed nearly two years ago. 

This week, a team of salvagers and and engineers set about extracting the ship from ocean floor. Using a technique called "parbuckling," applying leverage to turn the ship upright, more than 500 workers were able to raise the Costa Concordia, as seen in the time lapse video below.

The video is a haunting reminder of just how massive the January 2012 shipwreck was. The ship's captai, Francesco Schettino,  is  currently awaiting trial in Italy for manslaughter, and abandoning the ship during the chaotic and delayed evacuation. Capt. Schettino maintains poor nautical charts failed to alert the ship's crew to the presence of a reef.