There is nothing like a little pick up football after school. Even Temple Police think so.

Temple resident Catalina Shaw was moved when she looked out her window and saw an officer taking time to connect with kids on the city's west side.

Catalina says she feels many residents in other towns come outside to capture these moments, so she did so as well. This "pick up" game of catch took place last Friday and is making it's way around the internet.

Thanks so much Catalina for sharing this with us! It's great to see Temple Police and our kids just enjoying life together in Texas. While the officer is not identified on the video, she should know how much her effort is appreciated. It just makes ya feel good when you see someone stop what they are doing and take time for what matters - keeping the community safe, and staying connected to the people in it. Both are a great example of someone serving the public. Pick up football or otherwise, thank you Temple Police!

Have you ever captured a video of local police in your town connecting with the community? If so, please submit your video. We would love to share it here!

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