(Temple, Texas) - Police are asking for the community to assist in locating a 16 year old girl that has gone missing in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area as reported by KWTX. There are several ways to contact authorities when you suspect you have spotted a missing person, or an individual in need of assistance.

Who is the missing teen?

Temple Police are searching for 16-year-old Estelle Allen. She was last seen wearing a burgundy top, a black tee shirt, and a black backpack.

At 16 years of age, it is very likely Allen would look like any other teen her age. She is described as being between 5'4-5'6 in height and weighing in the neighborhood of 140-160 pounds.

This is the most important part of keeping an eye out for a missing person because they might not necessarily look different from any other similarly aged person. They also might be part of a larger group of people. Just because they are missing, doesn't mean they are alone, or with just one other person.

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Who should I contact if I see something?

As always, "See something, say something!" You hear me repeat this ad nauseum, but it's better for police to investigate a lead, and find nothing of concern, than it is for you to later have a bad feeling in your gut because you hesitated to alert proper authorities.

The police have a non emergency line, and someone manning the phone for exactly this reason. If you have any information, no matter how uncertain you are of its value, please call: 254-298-5500.

Get a full list of missing person resources here.

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