I think it’s normal to be a fan of waterfalls. How could you hate on water falling off a cliff? Better the water than you. Plus, if the sun hits it right you could have a beautiful sight on your hands that could last a lifetime, or until the Alzie hits.

Of course the main waterfall in the U.S. is Niagara Falls, but that’s in New York. Who the heck wants to go to New York? No one sane that’s for sure. You might be asking…

”Q! If I want to see waterfalls I have to leave Texas”

Gonna have to call B.S. on that. There are plenty of water falling in the state of Texas.



  • Water Fall #5

    Cattail Falls, Chisos Mountains Big Bend National Park

    Big Skies, Clean Air, Big Adventures. Plus Waterfalls. Check out Cattail Falls, Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park.

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  • Water Fall #4

    Wichita Falls at Lucy Park

    Lucy Park is a 178 acre regional park located in the center of Wichita Falls. Sure, it's man made, but it's still a water fall.

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  • Waterfall #3

    Hamilton Pool

  • Waterfall #2

    Krause Springs

    If Hamilton is closed, or too busy, you just drive a little further up 71 to Krause Springs in Spicewood Tx. Some claim it's the best swimming hole in the state.

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  • Waterfall #1

    McKinney Falls

    Nothing like ending a great day in Austin than by getting wet. It's open year round, which means year round fun.

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