I once got mad at my husband for moving the power button on the printer.  I swear it was on the front and he moved it to the back.  I know Stupid Huh!  Three days later I quit being mad at him.  A Reddit discussion asked people to name the stupidest reason someone has gotten mad at them.

Check out some of these reasons:

1.  "My girlfriend got mad at me because I got our anniversary date wrong.  Only SHE'D gotten it wrong.  And when I showed her proof that she was wrong, she got even angrier at me."

2.  "My neighbor slashed my tires because I wouldn't loan him $20 to buy a decorative neon skull for his fish tank."

3.  "A commercial for a cereal with marshmallows came on TV.  My mother said, 'That looks absolutely disgusting.'  I said, 'I don't know, it might not be so bad.'  She kicked me out of the house for the day."

4.  "My friend got mad because I had heard her favorite song . . . and she thought it was obscure."

5.  "When I was in school, a guy screamed at me because I hadn't done my geometry homework . . . so he couldn't copy it."

6.  "My ex-boyfriend once just started screaming, 'There's nothing more I hate in this world than when you drink your tea cold.'  He was being serious."

7.  "In the heat of an argument, I told my wife, 'I'm agreeing with you' . . . and she said, 'Yeah, but you're not agreeing with me the way I WANT you to agree with me.'"

8.  "One day my ex girlfriend got furious at me for being white, not Chinese.

9.  "My husband refused to talk to me for days because he had a dream where I cheated on him."

10.  "I walked in on a girl I'd been dating making out with a guy at a party.  As I was storming out, she chased after me, yelling at ME that it was my fault I caught her and she was mad at me for catching them."