As you know already, severe weather in Texas can happen just about any time of year. In addition to tornadoes, high winds, heavy rains, and flooding, also comes hail! Some pretty big storms rocked our neighbors to the north yesterday, and we've grabbed some video clips to help keep you aware of what could be happening to any of us in Central Texas this Spring.

When the hail starts really coming down, it can do a number on your vehicle and personal belongings. It's not a bad idea to take a look at your insurance coverage this spring and make sure you have enough coverage for your home and vehicle(s).

Let's take a look at some of this 'Hail raising' weather that just blew through the area as recently as last night. Most importantly, when severe weather strikes stay aware with us on the radio, and our weather partners at KWTX in the Doppler 10 Weather Center.

Stay safe y'all!

  • 1

    McKinney, Tx (North of Dallas)

  • 2

    Wylie, Tx

  • 3

    Bowie, Tx

  • 4

    Dickens, Tx

  • 5

    Decatur-Denton, Tx