News 10 is reporting that after the holidays, you can return unwanted gifts without offending anyone.

Some of us might have even experienced this just a few days ago. You receive a gift that you do not like. Whether it does not fit, is the wrong color or you simply do not like it, everyone has felt the awkwardness to keep something simply because a loved one gave it to you.

However, what many people do not realize is that there are multiple options for getting rid of your unwanted gifts. For starters, most stores have loose return policies during the holiday season. Returning that unwanted gift might be easier than you think.

If returning the gift is not an option, some people like to give the gift to a charity store like Goodwill or The Salvation Army.

"The gifts that I received that I don't want to keep, I usually give to a charity such as Goodwill," says Nora Soto, a local shopper.

Some people like to regift the unwanted present.

"When we get a gift that we don't like, we like to re-gift it; maybe it's fit for someone else," adds Maria Garcia.

KWTX said, "If you've got a gift card you don't think you'll use, you can go online and find where you can sell it for cash or exchange it for a card you really want. Do a google search and check the Better Business Bureau's website to make sure it's through a reputable company."

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