Whitney Police Chief Chris Bentley says the city has never had a crime traced back to suspects so young. Sadly, three 11-year-old kids are all in some big trouble after breaking into their Hill County school.

News 10 reports the kids broke into the school around 5 PM on Sunday evening. The damage they caused was discovered around 6 AM on Monday morning. Even worse, the kids are all on surveillance footage.

So what did they do? The kids trashed the building and used spray-paint to decorate the walls with male genitalia and other"offensive" symbols. Police say the kids tagged some of the school's maintenance vehicles so badly they can't use them anymore. Just how many penises did they draw on the vehicles? WTH?

Chief Bentley told the media, "Everything thrown on the floor, cell phones broken, portable radios broken, a lot of stuff written on the vehicles, so the vehicles could not be driven any longer, and the computer system - so the district was not able to create work orders, they had to go back to a manual system just to get maintenance done today."

It gets worse. Once the kids got done trashing the building they found the school's keys used to lock up the iPads and small electronics. These items were later found in the kid's homes and have been returned to the school.

Off they go now to the Limestone County Juvenile Center in Groesbeck with a hearing scheduled for Wednesday. Looks like the damages to the school add up to around $20,000 bucks.

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