This is why I wanna be rich but not famous.   An overzealous Taylor Swift fan was arrested early Wednesday morning after swimming up to her new Rhode Island beach mansion. (it's more than just a house you know)

The  22-year-old man was scared away by her security.

He was spotted by cops getting out of the water around 2 a.m., about a mile from Taylor’s new $17 million dollar estate.  He told police he swam there to meet her. He was promptly booked on trespassing charges.

Also Wednesday actress Alyson (How I Met Your Mother) Hannigan was granted  a temporary restraining order from a man accused of threatening her and her family in online postings.  The order requires John Hobbs, 43, to stay away from the actress and her family, and it orders him to stop posting messages about her online. The actress wrote that she has never met Hobbs, but his messages have suggested he will rape her and take her to the "after-life."

David Letterman Stalker/youtube

Remember the lady who kept breaking into David Letterman’s house.  She eventually got hit by a train.  Jodie Foster’s stalker shot Ronald Reagan. Conan, Ryan Seacrest, Stephen Spielberg… they all had stalkers and the list goes on and on.

So Forget about winning a singing contest, or starring in a movie, or starting up some social networking craze.

A freshly printed Powerball ticket . (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Buy some Powerball tickets and hope you win 475 million dollars on Saturday.  Fortune without the Fame is best.