Busted.   Apparently Cathy Wrench Cashwell did not read Chapter Two, Page 23 in the “Guide to Getting Away with Fraud” handbook. 

The main point of that chapter, "If you claim you are disabled, don’t go on TV doing stuff you aren’t supposed to be capable of doing".   Example, don’t spin the Big Wheel on "The Price is Right", if you claim a shoulder injury and can’t lift your arms .

That is exactly what Cathy Wrench did.   Back in 2004, in Greenville, North Carolina, the Postal Worker claimed she suffered a shoulder injury on the job.  She's been out on disability ever since, claiming she couldn't even lift a mail tray into the truck.

She might've gotten away with it,  if it wasn't for "The Price is Right".

In September of 2009, Cathy made a trip out to Los Angeles and went to a "Price is Right" taping.  She got picked out of the audience, made it up onto the stage, won a trip to Santa Barbara, and got to spin the BIG WHEEL.

And according to investigators, that Big Wheel spin is what tanked her claim.  Quote, "She raised both arms above her head and gripped the same handle with both hands," then spun the wheel.  Twice.

After federal investigators found out about that "Price is Right" incident, they started watching Cathy, and checking out her Facebook page, where she was spotted zip-lining on vacation in 2010, and easily lifting and carrying heavy bags of groceries in 2011.

On Monday, she pleaded guilty to fraud in federal court.  She'll be sentenced in September.  There's no word exactly how much money she got in disability benefits.

I wonder who told on her?