When they say discover Downtown Temple, they really mean it.

I just found out that Downtown Temple is the home of The Yard Food Truck Plaza at 212 S Main Street.

Who Knew?

Now, I'm not from Temple, so I'm calling immunity for this. I'm from Waco, and I do happen to be aware that there're a few food truck plazas there. Someone obviously failed to mention the Yard Food Truck Plaza however in the "Welcome to Temple" wagon.

5 Different Cuisines to Try

There are actually 5 food trucks that permanently occupy the space:

  1. Bill's Smoke Wagon
  2. Mee's Authentic Thai Express
  3. The German Food Trailer
  4. KG.D Mobile Foods
  5. Chock Full of Cheese

I stumbled across the Yard Food Truck Plaza on Facebook, where there were tons of comments from people just like me, unaware that this little slice of heaven even existed.

With a wide selection of food from different cultures, you're sure to find something to satisfy your palate. Plus, no one will judge you if decide to try something from each truck while you're there.

Sit Back and Take In the Scene

Not only can you visit, but you can also sit and enjoy your food at the Yard Food Truck Plaza. There are several shaded picnic tables and a small playground area available for guests. You can even bring your fur baby along as well!

Personally, I'm very excited to try out these new eats. I'm always looking to explore the area more and, of course, find those perfect places for date night.

The Yard Truck Food Plaza In Downtown Temple

Choose from a wide selection of cuisines from different cultures at the Yard Truck Food Plaza in Downtown Temple.

Top 20 Restaurants Central Texans Wish Would Come to Temple

A while back, I asked the good people of Temple if they could picture a good restaurant to fill the lot on North General Bruce Drive where the soon to be torn down Long John Silver's stood.

This was before it was announced that a Dutch Bros. Coffee location would open there (which was one of the places I predicted as a contender in our article).

So now Dutch Bros. is open in that spot, but the responses to my survey were interesting because they paint a picture of just how diverse Temple's population is. People recommended some familiar restaurants with locations in the surrounding area, but also a few I'd never even heard of.

Here are the top 20 results of the survey. Let's see what the good people of Temple are craving!

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