My job's not all about the music.  Sometimes I'm sent on the craziest quests.  From searching for Diet Lemon Ice Tea Snapple for a diva band to putting Christmas lights on a station van, I never know what's around the next corner.

Today I was on a mission.  With the Temple Christmas Parade looming this evening, a parade you can hear me emcee with Lynn Woolley on KTEM-1400am at 6:30pm, I had to get Christmas lights on a station van.  My search for power for Christmas lights took me to the attic.

After searching to no avail at Lowe's for a battery-powered converter for the lights, I decided to try and find the old power converter that plugs into the car battery.  In past years our engineer, Doug, would have gone up to the attic in search of everything we need, but Doug has gone on to the world of fracking and we're left fending for ourselves.  Our new engineer, Casey, is hard at work installing a new control board in one of our studios, and that means a power converter is the furthest thing from his mind.

Some long-time Central Texans may remember this radio station. Photo by me.

Up the questionable ladder steps I went, in search of power.  As any modern man would, I had my flashlight app open and ready for the monsters I've always assumed lived in the attic.  To make a longer story short (er), I didn't find the power converter in the attic.  Believe it or not, Casey had seen it lying around and brought it to me.  What I did find is what you see in the pictures.  It's a hodge-podge of craziness from radio days gone by.

You might expect to find the old signs, but why do you EVER need a giant, over-sized baby bottle?  That's just creepy.  What's the craziest thing you've ever seen when searching around the attic or in an old shed?  It's not exactly anything that'll get me some bucks on Antique Roadshow, but it'll do for an interesting conversation.