The Stupid News Network, in its ongoing pursuit to end stupidity worldwide, is at a moral crossroads.  What happens when stupid people express their 2nd amendment right to bear arms in a stupid way?

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We find ourselves at this moral crossroads because of one man, Karl Ziegler, 40, of Joliet, IL.  Cool kid Karl was minding his own business, shooting at imaginary birds with a semi-automatic handgun, when a gestapo police officer stepped in and stepped all over Karl's right to bear arms.  Just because it doesn't say anywhere in the constitution that you have a right to recklessly fire your weapon from a moving motorcycle doesn't mean our founding fathers wouldn't have wanted it that way.  There's no way you can tell me ol' John Hancock himself wouldn't be sitting on a crotch rocket doing donuts while firing off that musket of his... it's just the American way.

Suuuuuure, maybe Karl shouldn't have been speeding through traffic during rush hour firing at (what I'm sure are imaginary) birds.  Karl may look like a gentlemen that may have been under the influence of numerous controlled substances at the time of his arrest, but that's for the toxicology report to decide.  I'm just here to make sure that what started with Karl's right to shoot from a Suzuki doesn't trickle down to me not being able to go "guns up" screaming down W.S. Young on my unicycle.  It's a slippery slope.