Tragic news for a family in San Antonio on Friday when a forgotten 7-month-old child was discovered locked inside her father's car.

Temperatures reached triple digits in San Antonio yesterday as the baby waited inside a car at the local Walmart parking lot. WOAI reports that Police say the child's father was an employee in the store, and that he had forgotten to drop off his little one at daycare on his way to work that morning. When the father returned to his car around 3pm at the end of his shift, he discovered his child was still in the back seat.

When police arrived they found the man bent over the infant, and they say it was already clear what had happened. The father was reportedly taken to the hospital shortly after the incident with chest pains.

No charges have been filled against him as of Saturday while police continue to investigate. 26 children have died nationwide so far this year as a result of waiting inside a vehicle during extreme heat.