We all hate it when the power goes out in Texas don't we? Not only is it annoying, it could also interrupt progress of something were doing that might be rather important. When that happens, we blow the metaphorical gasket don't we?

But there's a reason for the power going out, it just doesn't outright turn off. Whether it be weather problems, or shut off due to a power line being down, there's always the threat of the power going out. But what about an unexpected reason?

Recently, one of those unexpected reasons happened right here in Central Texas. A certain type of animal stopped power, and you won't believe type of creature ended up causing problems.

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One Little Animal, One Gigantic Power Stoppage

On May 16th, 2023, CBS Austin reported that a snake caused a power outage that affected multiple customers. According to a spokesperson for Austin Energy, Matt Mitchell, sometimes the unexpected truly happens:

“This wasn’t about the grid, it wasn’t about infrastructure, this was just about a particular bit of wildlife that was in the wrong place, at the wrong time and caused a pretty big headache for a lot of folks."

CBS Austin reported that nearly 16,000 Texans were without power at one point in time. Now thankfully, power was not down for long, as Mitchell reported that took little time to get the power back on.

But talk about that hearing that reason for the first time. A snake interrupting power? What next a tumbleweed?

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