A large wind farm near Mart, TX is close to being completed, and will provide power and also dollars for the local school district, along with jobs for the area.

According to News 10, "French energy conglomerate Engie, which has a North American office in Houston, began the project in 2018 in unincorporated areas of farmland near the 2,000-person Mart community."

Engie spokeswoman Julie Vitek said "construction began in 2019, and commercial operations could begin before the end of the year."

The wind farm will produce 300 megawatts of electricity in McLennan and Limestone counties according to Vitek.

This in turn could produce power for about 60,000 homes.

The project cost $330 million and is putting up 100 wind turbines across the counties.

The school district will benefit from the turbines going up.

Betsy Burnett, who is the Superintendent at Mart, tells News 10 she couldn’t discuss the financial impact the turbines might have on the district because the financial prospects of the project are not yet concrete.

This looks like some news for the area for sure.

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