TasteofCountry.com recently posted their list of what they considered the "Top 10 Sexiest Voices in Country Music". You can see the entire article HERE, complete with justifications, but the Cliff Notes version is as follows:

10. Kip Moore

9. Billy Currington

8. Ashley Monroe

7. Jerrod Neiman

6. Josh Turner

5. Trace Adkins

4. George Strait

3. Gary Allan

2. Keith Urban

Drumroll please.

THE "SEXIEST" Voice in Country Music is...

Chris Young

Chris Young? Really?

I guess I just don't see that. Oh, trust me I would NOT kick Mr. Young outta bed for eating crackers when it comes to "sexy" time, but to top the list? Ladies, am I missing it? I do love his traditional sounding COUNTRY voice and I find that very, very sexy and honestly, much more sexy than say a Josh Turner...but I think that might be because of my age. I like older men! I think they are SEXXXXY. I realize that isn't Chris's fault, but he wouldn't make my immediate "GO TO" of sexy voices...if I had a list.

That's just the thing, I didn't have a list...but I do now! Here goes nothing.

10. Luke Bryan...with a disclaimer! Yes, it kills me to say his voice is "sexy" because I consider Luke a bit of a guilty pleasure. I love to make jokes about his tight pants and how he shakes his little bootay, but as far as sexy goes, they don't come much more sexier than Luke IF you are into that sort of "eye candy" sort of thing. (Don't judge me because I will deny this if asked!)

9. Keith Urban

8. Jamey Johnson

7. Clay Walker

6. Dierks Bentley

5. Stoney LaRue

4. Cody Canada

3. George Strait

2. Gary Allan

Drumroll please.

THE "SEXIEST" Voice in Country Music according to Rita Ballou...

Conway Twitty

Yes, I realize that Conway is technically no longer WITH us, but his voice is and if your voice can't compete with the sexy sound of all that is "The Twitty", it just won't make it to the top of my list.