The classic "What do you want for Christmas?" "Uhh I don't care." If you're like me and your significant other isn't giving you a straight answer when you ask him what he really wants for Christmas you're probably annoyed with the thought of him not using your gift and letting that nice polo shirt hang in the closet for years before he throws it in the Goodwill donation pile. Come on I can't be the only one who has gifted an unused gift.

Here are some hot items that seem to be the "it" items for him this Christmas!

  • Shiatsu Dome Foot Massager. You'll never have to touch his stinky feet again!
  • Digital BBQ Fork. He takes pride with his grill work, help him perfect it!
  • Driver Drink Dispenser. If he likes to spend time with his boys at the golf course this is the perfect gift for him.
  • Custom Bobble Head. I mean, it's hilarious!
  • Mancrates. Whiskey man, Beef Jerky man, Golf man, Fishing man, poker man, etc HE WILL LOVE THIS GIFT! It comes in a wooden crate that he will have to break open. Wrapping made harder, I like it!
  • Give him his Man Card back! He can pop a cold one while he enjoys a personalized card to keep in his wallet!

Have any ideas to throw our way? Let us know in the comments below!

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