If Blue Bell disappears for another summer, Texans will lose it.

According to a report from KWTX, an employee at the Brenham facility has tested positive for COVID-19. Blue Bell has stated that, "the employee is quarantined, not working, and is under medical supervision."

All I know is that 5 years ago, when Blue Bell had the listeria outbreak, things were wild! Blue Bell was removed from the shelves for months, and Texas truly wasn't Texas without it.

Yes, they removed the delicious ice cream for health and safety reasons, but that still didn't stop us from craving the crucial dessert.

KWTX reports that, "The company says they have taken all the necessary steps to identify and notify employees who worked closely with the employee. These employees have been asked to self-quarantine and monitor for any symptoms for 14 days."

Let's cross our fingers that no other employee at Blue Bell catches COVID-19, or what's left of summer will be gone.

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