It's like Comic-Con for the extremely wealthy.  The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has been the "it" spot to unveil new technology for decades, and this year's festival, while short on mind-blowing innovation, has people talking.

I love it. A gadget that combines the dangers of texting-and-driving with excessive speeding. What could possibly go wrong? Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

I'm not sure if Michael Bay's meltdown has anything to do with the buzz over the curved TV, but multiple companies showed off their new designs for making TVs bigger, sharper AND more expensive.  Reading up on the CES is like hopping into a hot tub time machine.  I can see what normal people like me will be using in 10-15 years.  I just got my first HDTV four years ago.  I'm not quite ready for a curved TV yet.  I don't think I have a wall big enough to put a 120" TV near.

Drones appear to be the new robot dog.  Remember back in the day when everyone thought these great robots were the future.  Then we discovered we're still decades away from useful robots so we created a robot dog.  "Sit."  That's about the extent of it all.  Now, we're told there will be a drone over every neighbor's backyard in the near future.  Won't they get in way of the flying cars?  Ohhhh, that's right.  We're not flying ourselves to work, yet, are we?

Here's my wishlist for next year's CES.  I want a cell phone that doesn't crack every time I drop it or run my leg into the door as I'm walking through it.  I want a mobile lie detector test for my children.  I want a tech-ish watch that doesn't look like the Inspector Gadget watch.  I want a device that translates what I'm saying into a language my dog understands (Don't worry about translating what my dog's saying... I really don't care).  I'd like a TV for my truck that only slides out when the truck is stopped in traffic.  No, wait, I'd much rather have these genius-types expend some energy on something like disease or world hunger.  The TVs that cost more than some 3rd world countries' gross domestic product can wait.