The Haunted House attraction that lies on the outskirts of Waco needs a new owner to keep the fog rolling.

According to a Facebook post from Waco Haunted Houses, the spooky attraction is looking for new owners. The previous owners captioned the post saying the haunted houses were for sale due to age and health.

The current owners are husband and wife, John and Danea Anderson, and have been running the attraction for over 3 decades. The haunted houses sit on the outer edge of Waco in Elm Mott directly off I-35, exit 345. The current owners are hoping perspective buyers will keep the business of scaring folks going.

The two buildings at Waco Haunted Houses are over 7,000 sq. ft. The sale will also include the motor home/office, store and warehouse, ticket booth tower, concession building, 1 company van, 3 hearses, 4 large storage trailers, and tools.

The Waco Trib spoke with the Andersons, who said they are looking for about $600,000 for everything. Again, just about everything is going with the sale, including 30 years worth of props and animatronics.

I worked at a Halloween store for several years, and let me tell you, those animatronics are not cheap! I also loved seeing the Anderson's come in and visit, rolling up in their white hearse.

Now I am an absolute chicken when it comes to haunted houses, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy them! I love being scared, and visited the Waco Haunted Houses for numerous Halloween seasons. I'm hopeful that someone who enjoys Halloween just as much as the Andersons takes over and continues bringing a scary good time to Central Texas.

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