It took Ronda Rousey all of 14-seconds to dispatch of her latest female opponent, but one reporter took it upon himself to see if she could hang with the fellas.  A couple broken ribs and crushed man-parts say she can hang with the fellas.

Don't let that smile fool you. She's celebrating the 14-seconds it took to anialate another woman. Credit Getty Images

I'm admittedly not an MMA fan, but I AM a fan of people being put in their place.  I don't know who this Adam dude is, but I hope he's more of a Jackass-stunt-show type than an actual reporter.  It's obviously a set-up for a news segment that goes terribly wrong.

This might be one of those tide-turning events in human history.  If my wife sees this video she's signing up for jiu jitsu tonight.  I've been known to occasionally run my mouth in typical testosterone-overdose fashion, and I'm just lucky Ronda Rousey hasn't been within earshot.  I seriously might watch the MMA next time she's on the card.  I think I can spare 14-seconds.

Bottom line here is you may be the baddest thing on two legs in your local dojo, but when you've got the toughest lady on planet earth across from you that white belt doesn't cut mustard.  Get you some of this epic beatdown.