Maybe this is why you can't have your cake and eat it, too.  In this edition of Trial & Error a man in Cowlitz County, Washington entered the courthouse and promptly stole a few bites of a little girl's birthday cake sitting on a table.

The chain of events that led up to this cake caper are a little suspicious.  Everything about this story, from a random person asking to set a birthday cake in the courthouse while she ran errands, to another random person walking into the courthouse and stealing a few bites, seems like the beginning of a Jimmy Kimmel bit that will have us all laughing in a week about how we could be so gullible.

There's only one problem.  Jimmy Kimmel is funnier than this.  This is just plain mean... and sad.  As reported by KATU-TV, Robert Fredrickson is now in custody after he took not one, but two, handfuls of birthday cake as a snack.  After taking the initial handful and walking to wash off his dirty (guilty) hands, he was approached by an officer questioning him about the "crime".  Had the icing been red, and not yellow, he would have been caught red-handed.  To make matters worse for Fredrickson, he went back after being questioned for round 2.

Since the phrase goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words", take a look at the video from KTAU for the sad, sad details.