As a parent I'm constantly sending my two boys back to the bedroom to try again on their daily fashion choices.  It's a constant struggle that forces me to say, "Do as I say, not as I do", every time I leave the house looking like I dressed in the dark.

We've all had it happen to us more than once.  You're going along with your day when suddenly you notice you're wearing mismatched shoes, or you've got a dryer sheet hanging out of your pants, or (like me) you've got one collar buttoned and one not buttoned.

I got dressed and left the house before 9am this morning, and I didn't discover my collar-mess until after noon.  That means I walked around the office for 3 hours without a single person mentioning my jacked up collar.  Either I'm such a mess than no one takes notice, or people just automatically assume I'm doing it on purpose trying to start a fashion trend.  I'll let you guess which possibility I'm leaning toward.

There I am, in full hot-mess mode, pulling off one collar buttoned down and one collar not buttoned down.  I'll still testify that my unmatched collar-buttoning is less of a fashion travesty than the youngsters when they pop those collars.  I'm issuing a request for everyone reading this article.

If you ever see me looking like a fashion mishap, don't assume I'm doing ANYTHING on purpose.  My wife generally has to dress me if we're going out in public so I don't make a fool of myself, but when she's not around I'm a wreck.  Tim Gunn would be so disappointed.