I love trick-or-treating with the kids.  Not because I love walking around in the dark with kids wired up on sugar running in and out of cars, but because I don't have to give away candy at the house to ungrateful kids.

Photo by Jamie Garrett

I also love trick-or-treating because it's one of the few times when my kids actually think it's cool to be (and act like) a kid.  I thought I'd lost Tyler this year, but apparently we got one more year out of him before he's too cool to get into costume and hit the streets for candy.  Last night, he was a warrior on a quest for as much candy as he could gather in the allotted time.

I called him Crash Test Tyler, but whatever the name, most people didn't realize what he was dressed as, with most guessing Spiderman.  Logan would have gotten more out of his costume, but dad's big butt sat on his gun.  He was forced to be a NAVY SEAL with no gun.  He's like Batman.

On another note, what are your thoughts on people driving from other neighborhoods into your own neighborhood?  One family put up a note saying they wouldn't be handing out anymore candy because people drove in from other neighborhoods "ruined it" for everyone.  Is your candy only for those of a certain zip code?  I appreciate the frustration of it, but if you want to live in an exclusive neighborhood, live in a gated community.  Otherwise, you're no better than anyone else that walks up to your door, Scrooge McHalloween.  I hear that happened right here in Central Texas, in Belton.  Crazy.

What about you?  What's your biggest Halloween pet peeve?