The Belton MLK Bridge, under construction since 2015, will open Tuesday, July 12th (tomorrow) at 1:30 pm.Central Texans will soon have a new way to connect from Loop 121 to Main street in Belton once the bridge ceremony concludes Tuesday afternoon (1:30p). Belton residents will have a new east-west thoroughfare that should help relieve some of the traffic congestion on Main street.

City Engineer Angellia Points says fixing roads in Belton can be tricky since Main street and other roads are owned by the state of Texas. That means any improvements or repairs are ultimately up to TxDot. The same goes for Belton's traffic signals, all are on state roads and operated by TxDot.

The Belton Planning Department says it can take over responsibility of those traffic signals once the towns population reaches 50,000. Belton's current population stands at 20,517.

The next big project for Belton roadways will be Sparta Road between Main and Commerce street, with a roundabout scheduled to be put in place at the intersection of Sparta and Commerce.