Killeen, Texas has two new gas stations in town as construction on the two new QuikTrip locations have finished and both are now open.

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As reported back in February, QuikTrip announced they would be building two new locations with plans to open in the spring. Spring has sprung and the Killeen Daily Herald reports that both location are officially open for business.

Now Open

The new locations are located at the intersection of Central Texas Expressway and Stan Schlueter Loop,

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And the other at the intersection of Clear Creek Road and Watercrest Road.

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Google Maps


Is it possible to have a favorite convenience store? I say yes! Both new locations will be 4,900 square feet and offer everything you'll need and expect at a gas station/convenience store.

QuikTrip is more than just a place to fuel up. They are well know for their “QT Kitchen” as well. Spokeswoman for QuikTrip, Aisha Jefferson-Smith, tells KDH, “We’ll be serving your taste buds as well as your gas.”

QuikTrip is open 24 hours and are “equipped with QT Kitchens that offer made fresh to order food and drink items, we will also offer grab and go freshly crafted sandwiches, salads, and wraps that will occupy your taste buds, or spoil yourself with our scrumptious donuts and pastries. We look forward to being great partners in the community.”

QuikTrip Mobile App

Their mobile app is a quick and easy way to check gas prices, check the QT Kitchen menu, and take advantage of coupons and special offers.

Welcome to Killen, QuikTrip!

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