Did you know that a group of peacocks is called a party? It can also be called a pride or a muster, but a party just sounds more fun. Peacocks can live up to 20 years in the wild, so it can be a long party!

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Photos of four peacocks wandering through Temple, Texas neighborhoods have been circulating on social media. The peacocks are thought to be female, according to our news partner KWTX.

Shelby Michalewicz, the owner of Tiny Hooves Rescue and Petting Zoo in Temple, says she’s been trying to find them by using peacock calls. However, the birds move very fast, and she hasn't been able to locate them.

Where Have the Peacocks Been Seen?

Michalewicz says the birds have been reported all over the area, from Airport Road to East Temple, as peacocks are known to travel long distances. The peacocks have been seen crossing roads, on people’s roofs, and perching on front porches.

Peacocks spotted in Temple (Shelby Michalewicz via KWTX)
Peacocks spotted in Temple (Shelby Michalewicz via KWTX)

She says she believes the peacocks are female and are wild, but says they could also be pets that got away from their home.

Peacocks spotted in Temple on the roof of home (Lynette Talasek via KWTX)
Peacocks spotted in Temple on the roof of home (Lynette Talasek via KWTX)

If You See a Peacock

All animals not under restraint are considered 'at large' and subject to be impounded by Animal Services, according to the City of Temple Animal Code of Ordinances. In Texas, peacocks are considered a non-native species, or 'exotic fowl' by Texas Parks and Wildlife. They are not protected by federal laws, but are protected by cruelty laws.

Michalewicz says the biggest concern is the birds getting hit by a car. If you see the peacocks, don't try to approach them. Call Tiny Hooves Rescue and Petting Zoo at 254-228-9219 or Temple Animal Control at 254-298-5732.

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