The secret to workplace happiness is to do something you'd want to do even if you did it for free.  Radio is pretty close for me.  Sure, there are a lot of TPS reports to fill out, a lot of "eccentric" people to work alongside, and a lot more work to do in general as jobs have been consolidated and placed onto the backs of already stressed workers.  But the bottom line is, I'd do (mostly) all of it for free if I didn't need the money to feed my family.

That's not to say I wouldn't take the time to travel.  I'd have to do my show from the road for several years.  I'd hire a traveling nanny/school teacher and see the world.  I'd start in Eastern Europe and work my way west, going up and down the continent to see everything worth seeing on the continent.  I'd then spend time going from continent to continent until I'd seen it all.

After seeing the world I'd then decide where I'd like to plant roots.  I've got a wife & two kids that would obviously have a big say in where we go, but I have a feeling my vote would go for Spain.  I'd love to spend my days sleeping until noon, taking a siesta in the evening and enjoying life into the wee hours of the morning.  I'd love to live like a king in Spain.

If I couldn't convince the family to stay overseas I'd go for one of three US destinations.  I'd be fine staying here in Central Texas.  I'd buy a huge ranch and spend my days running the whole operation.  For the sake of cooler, more tolerable weather I'd also look at the mountainous regions of Colorado.  My dream destination in the US, however is Temecula, CA.  It's a beautiful region located in the mountains between Los Angeles & San Diego.  I'd buy a little vineyard and become a wine aficionado.

To settle my current affairs, I'd have to sell the house.  I thought about donating it to someone needy, but that ultimately puts my neighbors at-risk of losing money on their house if bad news moves into my old house.  I would definitely throw a yard sale.  I'd price everything reasonably with plans to give the money to charity.  I'd notify everyone that came shopping that the price is final and not available for negotiation.  If someone tries to do what is done at EVERY garage sale EVER and offer me $3 for a $30 couch, I'll punch them in the throat and settle out of court immediately for a $30 couch, free of charge.


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I asked folks around the building (both those that paid into the office pool AND those that didn't) what they'd do if they won the $376-million (lump sum payout), and the answers show the uniqueness of those that work in this building.  With ten people buying in, the roughly $200-million (after taxes) would come out to about $20-million each.

Caroline- Live Events Coordinator:  "I'd pay off student debt first.  Then I'd open two businesses.  I'd open a dog rescue, and I'd open a cupcake business."  Let's just hope both businesses aren't in the same building.

Rita Ballou- On-air/US 105:  "I'd open a weiner dog rescue."

Marianne- Sales Staff:  "I do the houses and cars things, and I'd definitely keep working."

Rebecca- Digital Managing Editor:  "My husband and I both love to write, and I think we'd just spend our time writing.  I'd also love to become a publisher and publish those books that might otherwise be overlooked."

Bourdon- General Manager:  "I believe I'd have to buy a professional soccer franchise."  I followed up by asking if it would be a franchise in the US or overseas, and he replied, "For $20-million it would definitely have to be in the US."

Linda- Sales Staff:  "I'd buy a new car.  A Volvo.  I'd buy a home, and I'd vacation in Africa.  I've always wanted to travel to Africa."

Brandi- Do-it-all business manager:  "I'd go on a vacation far away, like on some tropical island."  With as much work as Brandi does here in the building, her winning the lottery may be devastating to our radio stations.  We'd have to track her down in Fiji just to enter a commercial into the computer.

Big Q- On-air/Production Director:  "I'd retire the parents."  I pushed for a little bit more from Q, intrigued by the selfless act.  That's very much NOT like Big Q.  "I'd also make sure all my relatives knew I wasn't leaving any money to them in my will.  Those people will kill you in your sleep if they think they're getting money."  That's the Big Q we all know and love.

Mikie- Key Account Manager:  "I'd pay off my house & my son's house.  Then I'd sell those houses and buy new houses."

All-in-all, we have a fairly easy-to-please staff in the building.  The odds are stacked against us whether we win OR lose.  We're battling 1-in-200,000,000 odds.  If we do the impossible and win the Powerball, out of the ten of us, one is sure to blow through their money or wind up in jail because of their new-found fortune.

What about you?  What would YOU do with $20-million?