I posted last week about how miserable we have all been around my house due to my doxie's Dewey and Dolly and their never ending itching, gnawing, licking and scratching. I was finally able to get them in to see the vet yesterday and their problem was exactly what we thought it was...seasonal allergies. The good news is we have been doing the correct thing by using the oatmeal and aloe shampoo and giving them children's Benadryl to help with the itching. After the vet checked them over to make sure they hadn't scratched themselves into an infection, she decided to give them a small steroid shot to get them "over the hump".

Belly up to the bar Dew and Doll...it is time for a shot!

The vet also prescribed them a little stronger antihistamine for a week and gave us a few more tips like being sure to wipe them down with a wet cloth before bedtime to physically remove any of the pollen they might have rolled around in while they were chilling in the yard.

A man and his dog. My husband and his baby boy, Dewey Cox Ballou.

Here's hoping that this helps!  I think that it will and maybe now...we can ALL get some rest.